As some of our clients know and others who have tried to schedule an appointment at Salon True, we believe in consultations. Consultations, if done correctly, help give us a blue print of how to help give you the hair you desire. There should be questions from your stylist when you sit down to talk about your life activities, where you work, if and how often do you workout, and possibly what kind of workout do you do?  Believe it or not, these questions are just as important as when was the last time someone colored your hair? Or did you do it yourself? And do you like you hair shorter or longer? Your stylist at Salon True should be listening to your answers and  trying to figure out  your own personal blue print. A blue print will contain what kind of shampoo and conditioner you may need along with what formula or haircut do they see best fitted for you.

It’s important to also share photos. Photos speak a thousand words. It’s important to see how your stylist sees color because everyone sees color differently.  It’s extremely important that you and the one who will be coloring your hair see basic shades the same way.  I personally had a client come into Salon True and showed two different photos thinking they were different hair colors but they were exactly the same. When I pointed it out she laughed and agreed. It’s been a joy coloring her hair because now I can see how she sees hair color .

If you don’t feel confident in your consultation with your stylist, there are certain questions that will make you feel like there’s a plan. I like a few of these –  What’s the plan going forward? What can I expect? Give me the worse case scenario.

Personally, saying “Give me the worse case scenario,” is my favorite question and favorite answer to give. If the client is okay with that, then we are golden! I think, as humans, we do best when we know all aspects of any scenario. This may all be a little intense, but now I now feel confident that you may understand the purpose of the consultation at Salon True.  It’s to give someone whom we never met or someone we’ve known for years a blue print of where we are and where we are going.

(Here you see six images. You can see which one I wanted…hint not Keith Urban..LOL!!!)