What’s trending this Spring…a lot!! This season the hottest three new styles for hair as far as styling are pretty cool! Bows, ponytails, bobby pins (exposed) and sleek hair (wet look). These trends were trending in the late 90’s also but today at Salon True ask one of my stylist how you can make this trend work for you!

Let’s start with bows. Bows are actually pretty easy to do if you can have an imagination. Take your hair in a low ponytail, two little sections at the base of the ponytail once it is exposed and puff them out one on each side, secure with a bobby pin. Playing with bobby pins that come in different colors such as silver, gold or rose gold is a great way to pull the hair away from your face by simply twisting your hair back and lining three back to back pins together. Of course, this trend you can have so much fun with and no rules really apply. The slick back look is one you can simply do when creating your ponytail by adding a wet gel to your hair while your pulling your hair back. Then, possibly adding a little more when it’s finished to create that sheen.

I admit, I too have issues at time embracing these trends. Sometimes I need to put on a little more make-up, give myself some self encouragement like, ” You don’t look stupid! Embrace your inner unicorn silly”. Yes, these little self love talks help when I’m trying something out of the norm. Salon True, is a safe haven for clients and stylist. So, please don’t feel funny asking your stylist to show you one of all of these trends. They may or may not work for you, but it’s fun to try anyway! Plus, where else can you do this??? Besides alone in your bathroom where you may get discourage.

I included some photos of these trends this year below. Happy Spring xoxo