With the clocks going forward, more daylight and hopefully warmer weather, it’s time to come to Salon True for a change. Sometimes just changing something little can make a huge difference.  It can be as little as a new pair of earrings or a possibly a soft bang?  This year at Salon True you’ll see that clients’ hair colors will be soft and blended, but bright . . . if that makes sense.  You can change your hair color just by adding a clear gloss through the ends or by adding a few soft highlights around your face. If you don’t color your hair, cutting about two good inches off your bottom will do the trick. Keeping your hair pretty blunt is a great clean look as we enter April. Also, at Salon True, we offer a gloss, repairing hair or deep conditioning treatment as a nice way to replenish your hair before the summer, whether your color or not.

March is the month of transitioning. After a dark, cold winter it’s crucial that we prepare ourselves to embrace the warmth, light and more active months ahead by getting our skin, hair and bodies ready. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Moisturize your skin and condition your ends. Eat tons of greens, start a vitamin regiment that keeps your body balanced.  Maybe even start a 15 minute workout routine everyday? I find this time of year can be kind of depressing with feelings of spring just seems so far away.  Little changes are a good way to get your desire of something new met.

Ask your Salon True stylist what little changes you could make to give you something new.