We are all tired of this cold weather trend that is happening now. I think that’s safe to say. One thing I’d like to address, is that once the warm weather sets in, it’ll be a shock to our system. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, the Farmers Almanac predicts a dry, hot summer. This means we will be going from dry hair and skin to moist skin, dry hair.

Remember that the hair on your head is dead. It’s not a living organism. It’s simply the way the body is protected by the sun. So it’s extremely important to make sure we condition and use SPF protection spray on our hair. To prepare for this crazy year I highly suggest getting an in-salon treatment that is custom to all of your hair needs. Salon True stylist are offering this amazing detoxing, rejuvenating treatment that will get your locks ready for the summer. Your Salon True stylist will also send you home with a take-home treatment included in the service.

I’m really predicting a lot of issues this summer with our clients hair. These extreme weathers affects our moods, which in return can create unhealthy habits that effects our hair. For instance, eating more fatty foods, not as many vegetables or greens. Greens are a great source of iron. Iron is very important when it comes to our hair. Same as lack of Vitamin D effects our hair and makes it more brittle. This time of year we are usually outside getting more Vitamin D. Now, I suggest to take a supplement after speaking to your doctor of course.

Salon True is a place to nurture your individual needs when it comes to beauty. A place where you can feel safe speaking to your stylist about any of your hair issues. We look forward to helping you getting through this crazy Spring blues.

Even Olaf is ready for Spring!!