Trying to stay healthy and have great hair can be hard. Runners usually have the worse hair. Why? Because along with the stress of pulling your hair back most runners sweat while running which ups the PH in their hair to about a 12.  The bodies natural PH is at 4.5-5.5. any higher your skin and hair go into stress. High PH on the hair can cause breakage along the ponytail line which is also causing stress by being tightly wrapped around your hair strands.

So think about this if you are yogi, cross fit junky, or a gym rat. If you sweat a lot and pull your hair back, maybe this summer you should come in to Salon True and get a in-salon Davines custom treatment.

Davines had about five different treatments that can be blended and costumed for your individual hair needs. I suggest getting at least twice a season. This time of year it’s fabulous to do a Purify along with a Shine Restore. Purifying your roots from all this allergy craziness and shining you up because we are all extremely dry this season is a great way rejuvenate your hair.

Salon True stylist are educated about high PH and the effects it has on one’s hair. Salon True stylist can easily recommend an in-salon treatment and a take home Davines treatment to make your hair look fabulous.