You asked, we listened!

Many of you have been asking for make-up for quite some time.  We heard you loud and clear. Today, Salon True is happy to announce the addition of Emani Vegan Cosmetics to our line of product offerings. We know you’ll love it just us much as we do. But just in case you need an extra incentive, come in this month and receive 25% off all Emani products in stock!

Emani passionately believes in individual beauty.  Like us, they believe that all women are beautiful, and they aim to empower that beauty with colorful, fashionable, health-conscious, glamorous makeup. Salon True and Emani share a common goal: to enhance your beauty so you feel confident and gorgeous every time you look in the mirror and every time you walk out your door. Click here to find out what makes Emani different and why we are so excited to bring it to you!